Mexican Spec On You TubeMexican Spec On You Tube

I would like to explain the process of buying a vehicle from me in Mexico.

When you decide what type of vehicle you are interested in I will make a list of the available models.

I will get you all the photos and videos along with all the information I can.

At that point I will give you the total price including transport.

After payment is made I will secure the vehicleand arrange transport.

At the moment I can deliver the vehicle to the Noglaes Arizona border.

I am 8 hours south of said border.
As the buyer the documents will be signed over to you and you will need to cross it.

The Nogales border is the calmest of them all.

I am setting up transport by ship from where I am to be delivered to the East Coast of the US.
They deliver to Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia and further up the East Coast.

You will need to enter Mexico to receive the vehicle if I deliver it to the Nogales border.

If we use the over-the-sea transport the vehicle will be delivered to a US port.

I know there are concerns with both entering Mexico and crossing back with the vehicle.
We can talk about all that in our communications.

Mexico does not have titles as such.
The Mexican ownership documents is the original sales invoice from when the vehicle was new.

When the original sells the vehicle they sign off on the back to the next buyer and so on.

The vehicle will come with a bill of sale in Spanish and English signed by the current owner of the vehicle.

We use a Customs Agent to prepare the documents needed to cross the car to avoid any issues.

The original Mexican documents along with the Customs documents are what is needed
for you to get plates and registration in your state.
You will need to check with your local smog laws.

A translation from Spanish to English of the Mexican documents will be required and I will provide that.

If you have any specific questions I would be happy to answer them.

I have a US account for payment in US Dollars. There will be no international wires.
The money arrives in 24 business hours usually.

I do have references available if you would like to speak with them on my reliability or the process itself I can arrange that.

You can contact me here

    Mexican Spec On You Tube