Mexican Spec On You TubeMexican Spec On You Tube

I came of age at a low point in automotive history. 1982

When I was offered my first old car I was smitten.

The first time I sat in the car behind the oval steering wheel I felt like I was home.

My baby has a push button transmission as well as power windows and factory air.
I still have her and whenever I sit in her I am 16 again.

Since then I have bought hundreds of old cars.
The more complicated cars become the more I crave simplicity.

In my point of view these old cars are an endangered species and they need to be protected.
When they are gone, they are gone.

There is not really an old car culture in Mexico or at least not to the extent there is in the US.

My goal is to get as many of these special Mexican cars into the hands of people that will care for them.

A lot of these old vehicles are still in daily use and deserve to be papmered.

I know the first thing people thing of when Mexico is mentioned is a scam.
It would be counter productive for me to not fulfill all of my promises to my buyers

I can provide references if needed.

    Mexican Spec On You Tube